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Denton A. Cooley (THI website)

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View 2010 Joint Session photos on Texas Heart Institute Flickr website

Denton A. Cooley Lectureship

View photos from 2nd Annual Denton A. Cooley Lectureship;
the 2010 THI CVS Group Photo; and Cooley Hands at Houston Zoo,
April 16, 2010 on the THI Flickr website.

View Cooley Lectures on THI CME website

Cooley Lecture - Creativity in Surgery by Tirone David, MD


Cooley Lecture - Surgical Knife by John Ochsner, MD


View photos and presentations from the 16th International Symposium
June 4-7, 2009, Galveston, TX

Replacement of the Human Heart: Personal Experience
View this February 12, 2009 presentation by Dr. Cooley on the Texas Heart Institute website.

Video biography of Dr. Cooley called "Leading with the Heart" which is narrated by Walter Chronkite (8:02, 18.3 MB). This video is provided by permission of the copyright owner, the Texas Heart Institute. Windows Media Video format.

Presentations and video featuring Dr. Cooley and Dr. DeBakey
from 15th International Symposium: Celebrating the Legacy
October 26-27, 2007, Houston, TX

Presentations and video featuring Dr. Cooley and Dr. Westaby
from 14th International Symposium: A Homecoming Success
October 6-10, 2004, Houston, TX

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