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Site of Previous International Symposia
1979    Monte Carlo
1981    Rio de Janeiro
1982    Athens
1984    London   
1986    Maui
1988    Bermuda
1990    Acapulco
1992    Puerto Rico
1994    Hilton Head, SC
1996    Sun Valley, ID
1998    Colorado Springs, CO
2000    Coeur d’Alene, ID
2002    Carlsbad, CA
2004    Houston, TX
2007    Houston, TX

International Recognition Award Honor Roll

1981    E. J. Zerbini, MD (deceased)                 Sao Paolo, Brazil
1984 Donald Ross, MD London, UK
1986 Juro J. Wada, MD Tokyo, Japan
1988 C. Walton Lillehei (deceased) St. Paul, MN
1990 Robert D. Leachman, MD (deceased) Houston, TX
1992 Rene G. Favaloro, MD (deceased) Buenos Aires, Argentina
1994 Paul A. Ebert, MD Pebble Beach, CA
1996 Albert Starr, MD Portland, OR
1998 John L. Ochsner, MD New Orleans, LA
2000 Jerome H. Kay, MD Los Angeles, CA
2002 Bruce A. Reitz, MD Stanford, CA 2004 Stephen Westaby, BSc, MS, PhD Oxford, UK
2007 Robert A. Guyton, MD Atlanta, GA
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